Do these Things to Make Your Edges Grow

For a very long time, I was not happy with my edges. Boy snatched was an understatement for what they were. So I stayed off braids and wore weaves instead for at least six months hoping it would help my edges grow. Nope that didn’t work either. At loss of what to do, I asked the woman who claims to knows it all: MY MAMA. She broke it down for me in the following steps.

Scalp Oil Massages:

Oil massages will stretch your hair follicles causing your hair to grow thicker. Also, it will make the blood vessels bigger which will encourage hair growth. Massages with oils like tea tree oil will remove dirt from your hair follicles and help your edges grow. Whilst vitamin E oil will reduce breakage and increase hair growth. Also, Jamaican Black Castor Oil works on your hair roots to fill up the bare patches of your edges.

Massage Tea Tree Oil into your Scalp

Stop Doing Hairstyles that pull your Edges:

Hairstyles like braids and wig caps can be so tight which make them pull your edges. When you pull your edges, they will break and leaving them snatched. Your hair needs to breathe. Even gluing your weaves are harmful to your hairline.

Igbocurls showing us how not to make Braids

Protect your Edges:

Always put your hair in a silk cap, scarf or bonnet when you sleep. This way your cotton pillowcase will not remove the moisture in your hair and make it. Or you could change the cotton pillowcase to satin ones to avoid breakage. The cap or scarf should be on your forehead, not your hairline, so it won’t snatch your edges.
Another way to protect your edges is to keep your edges moisturized like you do your hair. Your edges need enough moisture to grow and flourish. Also, deep condition your edges to ensure it grows strong.

Satin Pillowcases will reduce breakage

Stop Using Heat on Your Hair:

If you want your edges to grow, don’t use heat on it. Your edges are frail and heat tools like straighteners will cause it to break.

Use Flat irons less

Leave your Edges alone:

Stop touching, manipulating, and pulling it. No gels, no brushes on your edges. Rather, leave your edges alone, to let it grow and thrive.

I did all the above religiously for 3 months and it worked. I went from looking like a bald eagle to having a full head of hair. How does your edges look like? is it scanty or full like mine now?? Lemme know, drop a comment.

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