This Styling Tips will make you Problem Areas Disappear


We all have areas of our bodies that we feel can look better than they currently are. My belly and I have a love hate relationship. Over the years, I have grown to accept it and learn how to make it work for me. I have gathered other common problem areas and come up with styling tips to make them disappear.

Minimize your bust:

The most important part of dressing up is making sure your bra fits you just right. Your bra should not be so tight that it draws attention to your bust area. To avoid this, get a professional fitting to get your right bra size. Also, buy bras that made to support large busts.

In addition, avoid clothes that are tight around your bust. This is will emphasize your chest which is what you dont what. When you wear clothes that are free on your body, use a belt so you wont like like you’re wearing a sack.

A wrap style dress is busty’s girls secret weapon. This is because such a dress will you give a appealing V neckline and it will highlight your bust. V necklines are great for you because they make the eyes look down and you look longer than you are. Also, scoop neck styles always reduce bust size, so try those type of styles.

Moreover, pieces that with vertical or diagonal stripes because they make you look taller, slimmer and your bust appears smaller. Basically any piece that makes the eyes move vertically will make your bust look smaller.

A V – Neck Dress is perfect Busty Girls

Slimmer arms:

A V neck dress will take attention from your arms to your cleavage area. This way focus is away from your flabby arms. Also, the straps of your sleeves should fit your shoulders properly, so that you look put together.

You could wear sleeves to cover up your arms. It could be a small-cap sleeve or a three-quarter sleeve, as long as it’s not too tight. A tight sleeve will showcase what you’re trying to hide, so avoid it.

Free bracelets or bangles will make your arms look slimmer. Don’t wear tight wrist accessories because it will make your skin bulge which you don’t want.

The Off Shoulder stay of the dress takes away attention from the arms to her broad shoulders

Hide a tummy

Wear more loose clothes instead of tight clothes. Tight clothes will bring attention to the tummy we are trying to hide. Your outfit should be clothes that highlight other parts of your body like your legs but not your tummy. Pieces like little black dresses , classic trousers, pencil skirts will highlight other parts of body.

Wearing Dark colours will make you slimmer normally. If you wanna wear bright colours, wear pieces of the same colour clothes. You can wear pastel colours like pale pink or cream.

The most important thing is you need to accept and love your body the way it is. God doesn’t make junk. His Work is wonderful in all ways and so are you. So don’t ever forget that.

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