Ultimate Guide to Dyeing your Natural 4C Hair

Last year, I decided that my hair needed a pop of color and the only way to get that is to dye it red. , I didn’t know where to start. I mean I have never colored my hair before and I knew nothing about dyeing natural 4c hair. So I went internet searching again lol but I didn’t feel comfortable with the information I had. My stylist wasn’t too helpful either because natural 4c hair isn’t his specialty. I decided to throw caution to the wind and go for it. I mean the easiest way to learn new things is to do them. So here are my lessons from dyeing my natural 4c hair for the past year.

Purple Hair Dont Care

LESSON 1; You need to realize that dyeing your natural 4c hair will change your hair. This is because your natural hair is delicate. So the dye will change your hair but with the right care, you can make the change will not be negative.

The Red Queen

The first thing to do before coloring is to do a protein treatment. The protein treatment will strengthen your hair. Also, it will not let the dye change your hair’s ability to lock in moisture(hair porosity) or cause it to break. The protein treatment doesn’t let your hair dry because of the coloring. Do the protein treatment about two weeks before applying the dye.

Aphogee Protein Treatment makes your hair less likely to break.

You should dye your hair while it’s dirty. The oils(dirt) in your hair will protect your scalp from the harshness of the chemicals in the dye. So don’t wash your hair at least a week before coloring.

LESSON 2: Regular Deep conditioning is a necessity before and after you dye your natural hair. This is because the dye changes the way your hair retains moisture leaving your hair very dry and prone to breaking. So deep conditioning before you colour will keep your hair moisturized thereby protecting your hair from the dye. This should be done 2 days before you dye. After you colour your hair, you should deep condition it weekly at least. Using high quality hair oils like jojoba oil or tea tree oil.

Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter Deep Treatment Masque locks in moisture into your hair.

LESSON 3: Follow instructions on the box totally. Even if you have used the pack before, always follow its instructions so you can get best results. Apply Vaseline (petroleum jelly) to your hairlines, so your skin wont be stained by the dye. Mix the dye properly and use gloves or applicator brush to apply the dye unto your hair. Don’t use your hands to apply it, so to reduce frizz. Leave your dye in hair as long as the box states. After rinsing out the dye, deep condition your hair with the sample in the pack. Or if the pack doesn’t have deep conditioner, use your regular deep conditioner. Don’t use dye products that contain ammonia or bleach as they are dangerous for hair.

Shea Moisture Colour contains no ammonia or sulfate, so its gentle on your hair.

LESSON 4: After care is paramount. Use colour preserving shampoos that don’t have sulfates, to protect the colour from fading and retain moisture in your hair. Such shampoos help ensure the changes in hair’s ability to retain moisture is not too much. So your hair wont be too dry and break. Also, you can use henna (a natural ingredient) to retain the brightness of the colour in your hair and protect it.

Aveda Colour Conserve keeps your hair colour looking bright

There is an important thing to note when dyeing your hair. The lighter you dye your hair, less healthy your hair will be. For instance, someone with jet black hair dyeing it blonde, make it dry, lead to split ends and breakage. So its best to dye to colours that are closer to your original colour.

Every woman needs a pop of colour every now and then. These lessons will give you the safest way to get it. Also, your hair colour will look good for a long period of time. So have you dyed your hair before? if you did, tell us your experience! Drop a comment and let us know!

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