These Treatments Will Make Your Dark Spots Disappear

My skin and hyperpigmentation (dark spots) is like white on rice. Your girl will have breakouts and will have tons of acne scarring. The dark spots affected my self-esteem, so I started to use excessive makeup to cover them. This didn’t work because the makeup made my skin break out even more than usual. So I was stuck between a rock and a hard place. I had to resort to trying different treatments for removing dark spots. They are as follows:

VITAMIN C: reduces the amount of melanin your skin produces which makes dark spots fade with time. It limits free radicals that are responsible for dull complexion and wrinkles. Also, it only lightens the problem areas, not your whole face. So, it works only on your dark spots.

Also, it removes dead skin, helps new skin growth, and repair the damaged skin cells. Making it efficient at fading dark spots. It’s a good chemical exfoliant.

It helps to repair some of the damage left behind by the sun. So its best to apply it during the daytime. But, this doesn’t mean you should not use your sunscreen.

Vitamin C clears Dark Spots efficiently

HYDROQUINONE: It stops the enzyme responsible for melanin and pigment production. So after a period of time, your dark spots will lighten. This is because it goes to the cells to reduce pigment production. As such it may take weeks before the effects can be on the skin. Also, it will even out the skin tone because it will lighten dark areas of the skin leaving a more even complexion.

Make sure your skin is free from excess oil, dirt, and makeup so that it can absorb the hydroquinone better. Your dark spots will fade as it absorbs the hydroquinone. You use it before bed and only on dark spots for the best results. Also, you can use hydroquinone every other day if you have sensitive skin.

Neutrogena Rapid Tone Repair quickens new skin cells production.

Retinoids(creams derived from vitamin A): They ensure that your skin replaces dead skin cells faster. This helps your dark spots fade quicker than normal. Also, they boost collagen production which will give glowy skin.

Retinoids are so good for the skin that they even prevent future break outs. Use Retinoids in small quantities on black skin. A small green pea-size amount is enough to cover the entire face.

Paulas Choice is brilliant at clearing Dark Spots

These are the top 3 treatments for clearing dark spots from your skin. Vitamin C Serum worked best for me. Have you tried any of these treatments? How well did it work for you? Drop a comment, lemme know.

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